Borderlands 3 Pre-Orders Halted During Epic Games Store Mega Sale

Following the launch of the Epic Games Store where two games pulled out of the sale last week –Vampire: The Masquerade – Bloodlines 2 and Oxygen Not Included – a third game has now pulled out of the for the time being.

Borderlands 3 is no longer available to preorder on the Epic Games Store, but still appears on the storefront itself, as reported by

The upcoming installment in the Borderlands series by 2K Games is exclusive to Epic Games Store on PC until 2020.

The Epic Mega Sale is offering $10 off all games that are priced at $14.99 USD or higher, and includes games already on sale that are over that price point. Epic is reportedly paying for part of the discounts that go beyond their current profit margins.

A spokesperson from 2K Games told Eurogamer that the halt of preorders for Borderlands 3 is temporary, and any purchases made with the sale price prior to it being pulled will still be honored.

“We are working closely with Epic and have temporarily removed Borderlands 3 from their storefront. We look forward to the game being back on the Epic Games soon. Games bought during their Mega Sale will be honored at that price.”

In response to the recent removal of games due to the sale, Epic Games said, “If a developer or publisher chooses to not participate in our sales, we will honor that decision.”

Epic announced their store launch last December and became a popular topic of conversation due to their 88% revenue split with developers and not taking a cut from games made with Unreal Engine. Ubisoft revealed recently that the upcoming Ghost Recon Breakpoint will only be available on the Epic Games Store and its own Uplay client when it launches in October 2019, and not on Steam.

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