Bungie Prints And Binds Destiny’s Lore Into Destiny Grimoire Anthology | Gaming

Since the original launch of , Bungie has fielded and absorbed feedback on the of the series. For a lot of players, the lore of the series is more important than the games sometime makes it seem, and they have made that clear. With that, Bungie and Blizzard are compiling Destiny's lore and publishing it into an anthology for you to proudly display.

The Destiny Grimoire Anthology Vol. 1 is the first collectible volume of collected Destiny lore. It covers all the heroes, villains, enemies, and allies throughout the series.

The 128-page first volume is titled Dark Mirror and is intended to provide new information and perspectives on aspects of the lore the games cover and aspects they don't. Each volume is intended to cover a different to examine different facets of the world, encouraging fans to get them all.

The book is up for preorder now with a planned release this fall.

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