Call of Duty: Modern Warfare Shares Clever Tip To Confirm Wall Hacking Players

In the Call of Duty: Modern Warfare community, there are several common tricks that cheaters tend to use. Most players will encounter wallhacks, aimbots, and modded input devices at least once in their multiplayer experience. Most Modern Warfare players try to report any instances of cheating whenever they occur, but sometimes it can be hard to tell.

That is why the community shares simple tricks and tips to help detect certain cheating programs when a player is unsure. Most of the time, a program can be confirmed simply by viewing the killcam. Aimbots are jumpy and are often too accurate to be mislabeled, but wallhacks are a much harder thing to prove.

One Reddit user has come up with a fairly simple trick to detect wall hacking players. They advise to hide in an inconspicuous spot usually off the main sections of the map and wait. If the enemy happens to detect the hidden player quickly, then it can be assumed they are probably using a wallhack program.

In the video, the Reddit user hides in a staircase off the side of the map. Avoiding the objective, they waited only to have an enemy run straight to them and gun them down. There was no way to tell where they were, no reason to kill them if they are not playing the objective, yet the enemy still knew exactly where they were hidden.

This trick can work in situations both in Modern Warfare and Warzone. Players that cheat tend to gain a level of overconfidence and it becomes hard to pretend that they can not see another player when their aiming reticle instantly locks to enemies. Sweeping a house is one thing but if the player happens to know that another player is hidden in the 2nd bathroom on the third floor then things get a tad bit more suspicious.

Although hiding can be seen as a negative reaction in many multiplayer modes it is an easy test to check and see if anyone is using hacking software. There was no denying that the enemy in the video knew where the hidden player was and rand directly at them. It is always recommended to report any player even suspecting of using hacking software within the game. Activision and Infinity Ward has been maintaining its strict ban policy so fans can rest assured that the offender will be punished.

Call of Duty: Modern Warfare is available on PC, PS4, and Xbox One.

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