Call of Duty: Warzone adds solo mode

Activision Blizzard announced today that a solo has come to its battle royale shooter Call of Duty: .

Warzone launched a week ago on March 10. In its first four days, the free-to-play game attracted 15 million players. Adding new modes is one way to keep them coming back.

At launch, Warzone only supported squads of three players. Now, you can fight by yourself. While playing on a team can be fun, especially with friends, it can be annoying to be forced into playing with two strangers if you’re not grouping up with people you already know.

The solo mode will support 150 players, just like the squads version. That’s more than the usual 100 players that battle royale games like Fortnite host per match. Another battle royale hit, Apex Legends, also launched with only three player squads. It introduced a limited time solo mode, but it is currently unavailable.


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