Call Of Duty: Warzone Players Are Baffled By Mysterious, New Keycards

Mysterious keycards are appearing in Call of : , sending players on a hunt to discover what they may unlock.

Easter eggs have been sprinkled across Warzone's map of Verdansk since the March launch of Call of 's newest battle royale. have yet to discover the secrets behind the inaccessible bunkers with keypads, telephones that play dial tones, or the laptops that need passwords. Now you can add another mystery to the pile, as mysterious keycards are popping up.

Since Modern Warfare and Warzone's massive update on April 29, rare keycards are spawning in the orange, high-tier loot caches found on the Warzone map. You would think any item actively obtained from a supply box would be usable, but players are stumped at what the keycards could unlock.

Verdansk's locked bunkers seem like the most obvious solution. However, players have tested out the keycard at various bunkers, failing to gain access to whatever waits behind their barred doors. The cards might not be tied to the bunker Easter eggs at all, or the item just isn't meant to function yet. At this current time, bunker access is still denied.

The item is labelled as “Red Access Card,” and oddly enough, it's marked with the same medical logo as the orange, high-rarity self-revive kit that can be looted. This led some players to believe the card could be tied to something located at the hospital, but no one's found anything to back up this theory.


The hunt is also made difficult by the extreme rarity of the Red Access Card. I spent hours in both standard battle royale matches and Warzone's “Plunder” money-looting mode, but I never even saw a single keycard. And my friends and I opened a lot of orange crates.

Perhaps the developers added this new item as a tease of something bigger still to come. This would fall into line with Infinity Ward narrative director Taylor Kurosaki's recent discussion of Fortnite-style events planned for Warzone. Locked doors and keycards aren't much to go on, but this could be part of the really slow burn of a bigger narrative.

YouTuber “MrDalekJD” has an interesting theory that the bunkers and keycard could not only be teasing an upcoming event, but that the story might have a nuclear or zombies-related theme. He shares examples of strange sounds he's heard, including some that sound like Zombies mode audio cues. Modern Warfare gave Call of Duty a break from Zombies, replacing that mode with the co-op Spec Ops missions, but there's a possibility that the undead could crawl back from their graves for a special event.

Maybe it takes zombies and raining nukes to rival the hype of something like Fortnite's recent Travis Scott concert. But with no definitive leads, players are left waiting for the developers to pull the trigger on whatever narrative is slowly unfolding.

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