Could Medal of Honor and Half-Life Take VR Mainstream in 2020?

I agree on the fact that in order for VR to hit , it's got to be cheaper for everyone to get their hands on. The price of admission is tough for some to get past. And standalone may usher in the VR age eventually.

The other thing that will help is useful programs that pull in the casuals for everyday use. Like instruction, education, shopping, watching sporting or entertainment events, construction and visualizing before building structures, etc. Gaming is not going to do it by itself. Just like cell phones, VR has to provide multiple uses in today's era.

As for your comment on PSVR, that's just elitist BS. If it wasn't for Sony and PSVR, VR on PC would be stuck in neutral and more niche than it is now with barely any AAA developers making anything. And possibly forgotten again or a decade to reach the amount of consumers to call It mainstream. PSVR may not be perfect, but it gets the job done. It's like saying console gaming is mobile phone level while PC gaming is where everyone should be. Utter BS.

Just like the article speaks of needing a dedicated room when VR works fine standing in place playing Beat Saber. Or sitting down playing Astrobot. You don't need a whole room when *analog sticks* are on the controllers. Article writers need more education.

Speaking of the article, those name brand games like HL or MoH will help in getting VR more noticed by the bystanders. Like these people can't wear any other shoes unless it's Nike or Reebok. But there are plenty of VR games across the board right now that are as good as any name brand game. One of things I like about VR is that almost all the games are **NEW IPS.** Not one Madden or COD to overshadow great games from the little guys. Love it.

Also, Labo VR is Nintendo planting the seed in gamers minds on their platform. The more content they put out will keep VR in their minds until they do actual VR. Which still doesn't require a whole room.

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