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How would you like to save $10 off a $10 purchase? That's what Microsoft was offering through their eBay store this afternoon, in one of the best, albeit unusual, Black Friday deals.

I came across the offering this afternoon, having dug through their store looking at discounts on Surface devices and other laptops. Scrolling down the page, I came across this:

$10? That's not half bad, especially given that For has transformed completely since its original launch in February 2017. The servers are a lot smoother, the gameplay much tighter, and future updates are adding interesting modes and factions.

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For 's Marching Fire update went live this week. While some of the changes it brings can be quite granular, when taken as whole it offers a substantial refresh of Ubisoft's 20-month-old medieval brawler. For those willing to pay, there are four new fighters. For everyone else, there's an overhaul of the game's graphics, as well as the introduction of its best competitive mode yet.

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But when I jumped into the For Honor listing, there was an added bonus: a code taking a further $10 off the price, bringing For Honor to the princely sum of absolutely nothing.

Surprised by this result, I added the game into my cart and went through the checkout process to see if it was actually legit. Lo and behold, eBay let the transaction go through, sending this delightful confirmation to my email:

Thanks, Microsoft!

The code didn't last for long, mind you. Less than a minute after the transaction was complete, the code stopped appearing on other Microsoft listings. Other members of our office weren't able to get the checkout code to work, and the prompt disappeared from other listings (including Dragon Ball Fighter Z, where I'd first seen it).

There's still good deals on the store though: Project CARS 2 for $30, FIFA 18 for $25, Ghost Recon: Wildlands for $20, Watch Dogs 2 for $19.95, and Skyrim Special Edition for $25.

None of those are as good as $0, or that time a new One Piece game was released on Steam for US69 cents. But hey. Gotta snatch a bargain while you can, right?

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