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Developer Behaviour Interactive is reportedly a new for Dead by Daylight via a brief video. The clip shows a frosted, white panel door with three streaks of what appears to be blood, as the sound of footsteps thump in the background. Then suddenly the door slides open and the clip goes dark.

As of right now the Dead by Daylight developer has not offered any hints as to what it is teasing, only confirming that this is official marketing material for the asymmetrical multiplayer game. Of course, that hasn't stopped members of the community from speculating on the teaser, throwing out any and all theories.

The most common theory right now is that Dead by Daylight is going to release a new killer themed after Japanese horror. The imagery certainly evokes that type of style, but only if one views it through that lens. There are many different ways the teaser video could be interpreted.

For example, the clip is shown from the floor, which could mean that this killer will have recognizable shoes or pants. Maybe he/she/it is short like Chucky, the killer from Child's Play that has been near the top of most Dead by Daylight fans' wish lists for movie crossovers.

It's also possible that this isn't a killer tease at all, but a new stage or event coming to the game. Perhaps the Japanese horror theme is spot on, but it's a new map for the killers to chase around the survivors on. More likely, the new killer will release alongside a new map and presumably a new survivor; we will have to just wait and see.

If nothing else, Behaviour Interactive doesn't leave its fan base hanging for long. Usually, when the developer teases a new killer there is more info about it within a few days and not long after that they are live within the game. So speculation can run wild for a few more days and then we can find out whether any of the theories were right, or if Dead by Daylight is adding a completely unexpected killer.

Dead by Daylight is available now for PC, PS4, and Xbox One.

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