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Fans of Hideo Kojima and anyone hoping for details on his studio’s highly-anticipated project, Death , may want to brace themselves for disappointment. Despite hopes and expectations leading up to Tokyo Game Show 2018, Kojima Productions has confirmed that Death Stranding will not be at the event.

Considering the project was announced over two years ago, the announcement that it would appear at 2018 naturally led to speculation that a playable demo would be available alongside the presentation. Unfortunately, it seems the elusive PlayStation exclusive will continue to tantalize audiences from afar.

Kojima Productions recently confirmed that Death Stranding would hold a stage show at TGS 2018 on September 23. While details are sparse, it was revealed that Hideo Kojima himself, who is directing the project, will make an appearance along with members of the Japanese cast. With any luck, the stage show will provide much-needed clarification about the forthcoming title’s fundamental structure, as narrative and core gameplay mechanics largely remain shrouded in mystery.

As with any project attached to the name Kojima, it’s wise for impatient fans not to hold their breath waiting for developments. In fact, if video game industry analyst Michael Pachter is to be believed, Death Stranding may not be releasing until the arrival of the PS5, which many predict won’t be until 2020. If that’s true, it’s unlikely that the PS4 version would be canceled, and instead would more likely be released as a cross-generational title. Still, the thought of having to wait until 2020 to play the game is undoubtedly disheartening.

Turning toward more positive news, an unlikely pairing recently made waves when Conan O’Brien and Hideo Kojima posted a photo together on their respective Twitter accounts, coyly teasing an upcoming collaboration. Though as of now, it’s anybody’s guess what the veteran video game developer and late night talk show host could be working on together.

The fact that Death Stranding won’t be playable at TGS 2018 only makes what little gameplay footage that currently exists that much more precious. Even so, the argument can be made that the roughly 8-minute footage only raises further questions about player objective and story.

Death Stranding does not currently have an official release date.

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