Destiny 2 Bug Won’t Award Valor, Infamy for Completed Games

Destiny 2 players are reporting issues with the game’s Crucible and Gambit ranking systems where instead of granting progress for wins (or losses), matches are either rewarding nothing or deducting in the case of the Competitive playlist.

Bungie has yet to acknowledge the issue, which started occurring this weekend and has been widely reported on Destiny 2 forums and subreddits. It’s unfortunate timing for such a to be happening too, as many players are trying to complete their Moments of Triumph and Tribute Hall in order to claim the new title or unlock the Bad Juju catalyst.

To be specific, the problem facing Destiny 2 players seems to stem from the game not acknowledging the completion of a match in Crucible or Gambit. At the game’s conclusion, players will receive no or Infamy points regardless of if they won or loss. Players were able to figure out the game is reading them as having left the match since Competitive Crucible matches will deduct Glory as if it was a loss.

While modes with ranking seem to be causing the most trouble for Destiny 2 players, there are reports that much of the game is acting weird. Reckoning not granting rewards, Powerful Engrams not upgrading a player’s Power Level, and the Blind Well still not activating properly are some of the issues that players are seeing this weekend.

Without confirmation from Bungie, it’s impossible to know what is causing the problems and how to avoid or fix them. On Thursday, the developer did push a server-side hot fix that was meant to alleviate problems with Blind Well and some Crucible modes that appeared earlier in the week, so that could be where things went wrong.

blind well area in dreaming city

The good news is that some players have said that resetting their console fixed the issue, but that is not an across-the-board fix. It’s something worth trying but keep in mind that this may need something more than a basic refresh.

Unfortunately, the only 100% solution available at this time is to avoid any activity with a ranking system and not to cash in any powerful rewards. Hopefully, Bungie will be able to address the issue soon and will have a fix ready to go before reset on Tuesday.

Destiny 2 is available now for PC, PS4, and Xbox One.

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