Destiny 2 Elemental Orbs: How to Farm Elemental Orbs

The Solstice of event in Destiny 2 is live and that can also only mean one thing – it's time to earn your level 400 armour!

Participating in the live event is the only way for you to get your hands on the armour before the release of Destiny 2's next big expandsion, Destiny 2: Forsaken which is coming to PS4, Xbox and PC on 4 September 2018.
The event kicked off on Tuesday, July 31, meaning you can already start updating your armour sets from Uncommon all the way up to Legendary Masterworked versions.

Players have until August 28 to make the most of this opportunity which means you've still got plenty of time to grind your way to that coveted armour you're after.

One way to do this, or rather, the best way to do this, is by collecting Elemental Orbs.

Keep reading for our quick breakdown which explains not only what elemental orbs are, but also how you get them and the best way to elemental orbs within the game.

Destiny 2 – New Solstice of Heroes Armour

Here's a look at the new Scorched, Rekindled and Resplendent armour sets for the Hunter, Titan and Warlock class.

What are Elemental Orbs?

Collecting Elemental Orbs will allow you to take your armour from Uncommon to Rare.

The Elemental Orbs will become available to you through playing the game and killing enemies.

When you wear your Solstice of Heroes armour set the Arc, Solar and Void orbs will fall as you slay your enemies.

However, you will need hundreds of each element to upgrade your armour.

Thankfully, there is a farming method (more on that below) which will allow you to speed up your progress.

Collecting the orbs will give you a stacking damage boost, which also contributes towards your progress.

How do you get Elemental Orbs?

In order to get Elemental Orbs you need to simply kill specific enemies types within the game – but only while wearing your Solstice of Heroes armor set.

When you kill them, they will drop the orbs. It's that simple.

Put simply, if you want a Solar orb, you have to kill an enemy using Solar weapons and abilities.

This will allow you to upgrade your Solstice of Heroes armour, potentially all the way up to level 400.

Fastest way to farm Elemental Orbs:

One method, put forward by gaming YouTuber MesaSean, involves picking up orbs from a specific type of enemy.

The farming method revolves around the weekly rotation The Pyramiding Nightfall Strike.

During the opening section, you can kill the major enemies, securing you Elemental Orbs as they drop from your prey.

If you have the Uncommon set of the Solstice armour you will need a specific type of orbs from the strikes, and also solar orbs from the activity.

Using this method will make sure you have both.

However, you must also pick up orbs which are generated from Earth.

You can choose which orbs to drop from enemies by equipping the subclass and Energy weapon of the matching element.

An example of this is is combining a Stormcaller with an Arc Energy weapon.This will prompt the enemies to produce Solar orbs.

All you need to do is kill enemies in the starting area, then activate the plate to spawn more enemies.

After you have killed them, activate the second plate, and kill all but one.

Then all you have to do is die and the strike will reset to the beginning allowing you to farm the orbs to your hearts content.

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