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From the reveal of Warcraft 3: Reforged to the unveiling of Diablo: Immortal, there have been plenty of big announcements to come out of BlizzCon 2018, but perhaps one of the more surprising pieces of information from the event relates to Destiny 2. To celebrate the anniversary of Bungie’s science fiction shooter releasing on PC, the game is now available for free on the platform through November 18, 2018.

In order to clarify the situation and avoid as much confusion as possible, it’s important to note that the entire base game of Destiny 2 will be free for players to acquire on PC on all the way through the aforementioned date, and fans will be able to keep it thereafter. However, the action-RPG’s expansions must be bought separately if one wishes to progress as fully as possible and experience all of the content available for D2.

Interestingly enough, this isn’t the first instance of Destiny 2‘s base game going free in order to incentivize players into spending money on its DLC. As a matter of fact, Bungie’s science fiction shooter sequel was offered at no additional cost to PlayStation Plus subscribers back in September 2018, as the studio had been priming fans to get ready for the action-RPG’s latest expansion, Forsaken.

Taking all of this into account, this is a solid deal for PC gamers who have yet to give Destiny 2 a go, as the base content provides a thorough idea of the kind of gameplay that one should expect from the title and its add-ons. So, considering how this particular distribution method worked out well for Bungie when D2 went free for a month on PS4–the game managed to top digital console sales for September–it wouldn’t be too surprising if PC fans wind up dropping some coin on the DLCs in order to keep playing.

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