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Although today’s 2 hot fix was expected to address minor bugs with the game, there were quite a few meaningful changes made as well. Chief among them is a tweak to the Cayde’s Will that should make it much for players to complete.

Previously, the Cayde’s Will quest had a handful of steps on the road to acquiring the of exotic hand cannon. Most of them were fairly standard for a Destiny 2 exotic quest but one step involving Gambit was serving as a roadblock to numerous players.

The step in question involved getting 5 Invasion kills with a hand cannon, but though the wording suggested one thing the actual step required players kill an invader using a hand cannon. But most invaders enter the enemy territory with supers and power ammo ready, and with the fast time-to-kill of Sleeper Simulant it was proving very difficult for some players to complete the step.

Now, Bungie has made it so that there is a general percentage to completing the Cayde’s Will quest step and any hand cannon kills will count. Killing an invader will greatly increase that percentage but just using a hand cannon to kill AI enemies will get the job done. No longer will players have to engage an invader with a hand cannon knowing full well they are likely to be dispatched instantly with a linear fusion rifle shot. The bad news, though, is if any players were part way through the quest step, their progress has been to the percentage.

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If there was to be a change made to the quest step most expected it to involve getting kills as an Invader not a complete rework. After all, the Chaperone exotic quest has a similar description involving invasion kills but it counts kills made as the invader, not the other way around.

Given how strong Ace of Spades is in Crucible and with Iron Banner in full swing for the first time in Year 2, it makes sense that Bungie would make it easier to obtain the exotic. Then again, Bungie has consistently been criticized about its “participation trophy” approach to rewards, so there are sure to be some disappointed by the move.

Destiny 2: Forsaken is available now for PC, PS4, and One.

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