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The recent Forsaken expansion has gone a long way in 2 the video game that many fans expected to see when it first launched. In addition to the new campaign, the expansion also added plenty of new zones like The Dreaming City, new modes, and secrets which fans have been slowly uncovering since the expansion arrived back in September. New gear and exotics were also added to the loot table, though, the drop rate has been much lower than people expected, so when a player discovers a pretty massive bug with one of the more high powered weapons, frustration naturally sets in.

One of the more prized items currently available in Destiny 2 is the One Thousand Voices fusion rifle. This weapon is only attainable as a rare drop from the Last Wish , letting the user leave an explosive trail of fire on the ground after firing the weapon. While the is powerful, players on Reddit have discovered that the damage output is actually tied to the game’s rate. This is an issue for console players who are locked in at 30 FPS, as PC players have found that the weapon is far more effective and doubles the damage output thanks to the higher frames.

The issue isn’t exclusive to One Thousand Voices, however. Players have been discovering more and more instances where certain elements of the game are strangely tied to the frame rate performance. This bug has also impacted various Super abilities, including the Stormcaller Warlock’s Chaos Reach, Phoenix Dive ability, and the Hunter’s Exploding Knives as well.

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Oddly enough, the Colony grenade launcher was also the victim of frame rates on the PC, as higher FPS rates essentially broke the tracking functionality. Either way, the Destiny 2 community continues to ask for more clarity on this situation considering that it doesn’t appear to be going away any time soon.

It’s unclear when this issue will be addressed, if ever, but with how quickly Bungie has been responding to feedback these days, something could arrive sooner rather than later. After the first round of Iron Banner for 4, Bungie made a number of improvements based on player feedback, including reducing bounty requirements and making every one reward powerful gear. Faction Rallies are likely to be getting enhanced for 4, too, with dataminers discovering audio files that indicate new ways to grind faction, craftable gear, and a greater role for each of the leaders.


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