Destiny 2, Season 7 is officially called Season of Opulence

Amongst a ton of new information about Destiny 2‘s upcoming of the Drifter,  developer Bungie has also revealed the name of the next and final season of Year 2. Season 7 is called Season of Opulence.

Like the Joker's Wild Annual Pass add-on that coincides with Season of the Drifter, the Season of Opulence will feature the last add-on of Year 2's Annual Pass known as Penumbra. Interestingly, the last time Bungie lifted the veil a bit on the three Annual Pass add-ons, the name of Season 7 was actually Season of the Shadow. It's not known exactly when or why the change to the name of the season was made, but with Bungie's latest announcement and update to the Year 2 roadmap, it is now officially the Season of Opulence.

Destiny 2 Director Luke Smith said in Bungie's new ViDoc that the team at Bungie is currently testing the content in Season of Opulence. Based on the art released for Season of Opulence and a few shots revealed in the ViDoc, there is a strong visual theme of the Leviathan, the location of Destiny 2‘s first raid. Considering the fact that Bungie just gave players details about Season of the Drifter, details about what Season of Opulence contains are extremely thin.

destiny 2 season 7 season of opulence

However, as shown on the roadmap, the season will bring a power increase, an exotic quest, the Solstice of Heroes live event, and the usual vanity and rank rewards that come with a new season. Destiny 2‘s Penumbra paid add-on will also bring a new raid, new gear, a new 6-player matchmade activity, and more. In fact, two bullet points of the add-on are complete mysteries labeled only as “redacted.”

The Season of the Drifter will begin on March 5th and will run through May 2019. Season of Opulence will run from June to August 2019. That will mark the end of Bungie's deal with Activision as Bungie takes full control and self-publishing rights of the Destiny franchise. What comes after this season will be Bungie's first foray into a version of Destiny fully under its control.

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