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One of the biggest complaints about the in 2 is that the time-to-kill against other players is too long, especially compared to what it was in Destiny. Today, Bungie hosted a live test-fire stream to showcase the lower TTK in Crucible, which featured several sandbox changes that Destiny 2 fans have been asking for.

Currently, Crucible in Destiny 2 is plagued with slow TTK and team-shooting, and Bungie is trying to fix that with the sandbox changes launching with Forsaken. Most of the changes shown off in the livestream will be hitting Destiny 2 on August 28 when players pre-load the Forsaken expansion. In the stream, Bungie showed two Crucible matches with the updated sandbox, and the time-to-kill was significantly lower compared to Destiny 2 currently.

During one of the matches, one of the players was utilizing the new weapon system to run three shotguns with mixed success. Bungie also announced the return of two-hit melee kills in Crucible, making guardians much more lethal at close range. Titan shoulder charge attacks in each subclass will also be one-hit kills, which could prove to be dangerous when paired with an exotic like Insurmountable Skullfort.

Before Bungie showed off the faster TTK in the Crucible, Bungie also showed off examples of random rolls on the revamped Better Devils hand cannon. The fan-favorite weapon will be returning in Forsaken with random rolls attached. Bungie hopes that random rolls will breathe life into the game’s rather stale Crucible meta, plagued by Graviton Lance and Vigilance Wing. With random rolls, players may be more inclined to pick new weapons and try them out in the revamped weapon system.

Overall, the TTK changes seem like a vast improvement compared to the state of the game currently. With a faster TTK, players will be able to play solo more reliably, as team-shooting will hopefully be less of an issue. However, only time will tell how it impacts the overall meta of the game. Players will have to play it and find out when the changes go live on August 28.

Destiny 2: Forsaken launches September 4 for PC, PS4, and Xbox One.

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