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2: Forsaken added nine new subclass tree branches for players to unlock during their time in the Tangled Shore and the Dreaming City, all of which are unlocked using Seeds of . Until this week, players have only been able to obtain two seeds per character, leaving the final subclass tree and all three of its skill branches locked.

With the release of the Last Wish , players finally uncovered the last of Light needed to round out the subclass trees, and it left many fans upset. To unlock the third of Light players needed to defeat Kalli, The Corrupted – the first raid in the Last Wish raid. However, Cozmo, one of ’s Community Managers, sent out a tweet telling players that there will be other opportunities to unlock the Seeds of Light. While no specifics are given, many players believe this means that there will be opportunities outside of the raid to earn the final Seed of Light.

Destiny 2 players can obtain their first Seed of Light by completing the Visions of Light quest given by Ikora at the start of the Forsaken campaign. After doing the mission on Io, players can choose one of the three new subclasses to unlock. To obtain the second Seed of Light, players must complete the Tier II Blind Well activity in the Dreaming City. can access this after completing the Dreaming City introduction quest Hums of Starlight with Petra.

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While players currently do not know of any other way to earn the Seed of Light outside of the Last Wish raid, fans are sure to stumble onto it in the coming weeks. Following the completion of the Last Wish raid by Clan Redeem, new activities were made available to all players in the Dreaming City. The Dreaming City will also start changing on a weekly basis due to the curse placed on the Awoken city. With these new and upcoming activities, one of them is likely to grant a Seed of Light so solo players can earn all the new supers without having to set foot in Last Wish.

Destiny 2: Forsaken is available now for PC, PS4, and One.

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