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Bungie hasn’t been shy when it comes to talking about its upcoming 2 known as . While the company has been known to become too tight-lipped leading up to big releases in years past, it seems that fans are learning new things about Forsaken almost on a weekly basis. A lot of the smaller details have come via the game’s community managers over the past couple of weeks, including a small piece of news regarding planned changes to .

A user on the Destiny 2 forums expressed frustration regarding Heroic Strikes and the lack of lack of interesting modifiers, as well as the underwhelming singes which feel more geared to empowering enemies than players. Other points of contention came from the overall difficulty of these missions and the fact that players are not typically rewarded appropriately for the amount of effort and time put in.

Thankfully, community manager dmg04 responded with a bit of hope for those taking issues with this side of the game. Though no specifics were given, it was revealed that Bungie will be again changing some of the modifiers as well as evolving the activity overall as the player increases their power level.

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Heroic Strikes have been a sore spot for players since the activity was added, with many players agreeing that they’re just not as fun as they should be. Bungie has been working on fixing these activities, with the first steps being taken last week in Update 1.2.3. Three modifiers, Blackout, Glass, and Grounded, were essentially nerfed, as they were found to be too effective in debuffing players. These modifiers were so potent that they were essentially canceling out any buffs and bonuses players had.

With the way Bungie has been modifying or bringing back classic items to Destiny 2, fans have begun to put together a wish list of items that they hope to see return for this mode. The biggest thing is strike specific loot and skeleton keys, which granted exclusive loot for players after finishing a heroic strike in the original Destiny. Classic modifiers like small arms, daybreak, and elemental burns are also high on the wish list, which many believe would go a long way to improving this mode.

Destiny 2: Forsaken launches for PC, PlayStation 4, and Xbox One on September 4.

Source: Reddit

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