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Spooky season is almost here in Destiny 2.

Bungie has officially revealed the details for Destiny 2's spooky-themed mode, of the , which includes a new horde-style mode.

Destiny 2's Festival of the will kick off on Oct. 16. The event will focus on the character Eva Levante having gone missing in the wake of the in-game events that saw beloved Cayde-6 die as the Red Legion razed the Last City. But in Festival of the Lost lore, Amanda Holliday is decorating the Tower for the season to help everyone remember the lost and celebrate their continued fight.

Festival of the Lost's biggest addition, though, is Haunted . The aforementioned horde-style mode gives players 15 minutes to progress as far as possible in the Haunted Forest, wiping out as many ghouls and demons as possible along the way. Naturally, Haunted Forest grows increasingly difficult the further players progress in each run. The mode can be tackled solo or in a group with either a pre-made team or through matchmaking.

There will also be a new quest line to avenge the apparently murdered NPC Master Ives beginning Oct. 30. The quest will offer players a new powerful reward each week.

Speaking of rewards, Festival of the Lost will have new Triumphs and daily bounties that award Fragmented Souls. Both can be used to buy Festival of the Lost's new masks and its new Horror Story Legendary Auto Rifle.

Finally, all players will unlock an Ephemeral Engram every time they level up beyond the character level max. This engram will be doled out in addition to the Steadfast Engram, which grants double Bright Engrams throughout Festival of the Lost. Players can also purchase the Ephemeral Engrams from Tess Everis in the Tower.

Last month, all Destiny 2 players got new content when a group beat the new Forsaken Raid. Elsewhere in the game world, some players may have found part of the Malfeasance quest.

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