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A datamine seems to have cast some light on the .

After years of speculation by , some Reddit users think they’ve finally learned something about who or what the Darkness is, via a datamine.

What follows could be considered spoilers for Destiny 2: The Forsaken, so proceed at your own risk, Guardian!

Redditor dobby_rams (via Eurogamer) posted info about Drifter, a new character to be included in next week’s Forsaken DLC, who describes creatures that some users believe to be the Darkness.

Drifter and his crew found themselves on a nameless “cold hunk of ice.” Everything was going fine until they came across the aforementioned monolith, which appeared to Drifter to be a facility left behind by the planet’s long-gone former inhabitants.

“But trapped inside was a creature,” reads the datamine. “In a cage of some sort, frozen in ice. An exhibit? Was it some kind of zoo? Still not sure to this day. We should’ve brought a scientist. All we had were… well, guys who thought we looked tough in dark colors.

“During our long stay on that planet, we found many of those monoliths, each with their own captured creature.

“Anyway, this thing — the creature — looked like it shared common bioenergetics with the Hive, but there were no records then or since that I’ve ever seen of Humanity’s encounters with them. And the creature had a property the Hive did not have. It produced a field that repressed Light — like a Darkness Zone, but contained to a gooey, vacuous form with no head.

“The anti-Light fields we had detected from orbit that spread across the planet? It was these things. Our ship’s scanners indicated thousands of them were on this planet with us.”

There’s a lot more to the datamine, but one other element is giving fans reason to believe the gooey, headless beings are either a physical manifestation of the Darkness, or the Darkness itself. Drifter’s crew discovered that there were more of these things roaming wild on the planet.

When creatures began killing off crew members, everyone realized the gravity of the situation. When the first crew member died, his Light was snuffed out, leaving his Ghost unable to revive him.

“Turns out one’a those creatures just slithered by, and close proximity to [a crew member] from inside our shelter just… silenced that poor bastard’s Light.

“It was unfortunate, but it also lit a fire under us. The next morning, we realized we had a potential weapon on our hands that could change everything in battles of Light versus Light. We knew we had to find a way to get these creatures off their icy home — and we needed to find it fast.”

The full story can be read over on Reddit, or fans can just wait for the Forsaken DLC to drop next week. To make the wait shorter, read up on the incoming weapon upgrades and combat changes, gameplay details, and the fate of a certain character.

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