DICE reveals plans to tackle cheating in Battlefield 2042

continues to spoil matches for players across most online multiplayer games. Battlefield 2042 developer knows that a lot of players are concerned about this issue, and it is trying to get ahead of it in a blog post it posted this morning. The studio laid out its plans for anti-cheat and reporting players as part of its commitment to “keep things fair.”

“Ensuring Fair Play for anyone that steps onto the Battlefield is something we take seriously at DICE,” reads the blog post. “In short, that means we don’t tolerate cheating, and we have teams dedicated to preventing, identifying, and sanctioning cheaters.”

The company plans to use Easy-Anti Cheat (EAC) in Battlefield 2042. That will start during the game’s upcoming beta test. EA already uses EAC in Apex Legends and Star Wars: Squadrons. And DICE said they chose it because it also protects players privacy while remaining secure.

“Another change for Battlefield 2042 is that due to cross-play functionality, when a cheater is sanctioned it will cause them to be instantly disconnected mid-match and permanently banned across all platforms,” reads the blog post. “As before, we still have the ability to apply IP and hardware bans if necessary. To keep our community a fair place, we have a no tolerance rule in place. There are no warnings and no suspensions when it comes to cheating. If you don’t play by the rules, you’re out.”

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