Division 2 Hunter Mask Guide: How to Get All 12 Masks

One of the pursuits in The Division 2 is to collect 12 masks. These items are more cosmetic than anything, a trophy that players can show off when they equip on their character. And these are not items that players will come across randomly in the game, rather they have specific requirements and multiple steps to find and earn.

Before digging into the multiple steps required to get The Division 2 masks, there are a couple of general rules to remember. First, the pursuit of all the Hunter masks, except for the Demon mask, must be done when it is nighttime within the game world. Within Division 2‘s version of Washington D.C., night begins at 7 p.m. and ends at 5 a.m. While the Reddit user who broke down all the steps to get the masks says it’s possible to use the Washington Monument as a sundial, players can clearly see what time it is by going into the menu and then activating Photo Mode, which displays a clock on the right side of the screen.

Hunting down the masks is best left for players who are in the endgame once they grind past level 30 because the Hunter enemies that they will face are tough in order to earn the masks. Plus, the locations of the masks are spread out around Washington, D.C., so players will need to pretty much have full access to every section of the map

can also track their progress of the Hunter masks that they have collected by inspecting them in the White House Base of Operations. need only to go down into the basement of the White House and the masks they have earned around Washington D.C. are displayed on the wall.

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Again, these masks do not give The Division 2 players any kind of a perk boost or ability that will enhance their effectiveness within the game. These are cosmetic items that are worn by player characters for bragging rights.

Division 2 Hunter Mask Guide: How to Get All 12 Masks 1

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