Dragon Age Player Determines Every Choice with Dice

Twitter user nerdspicey is currently playing through Dragon Age: Origins with all of their decisions being made by a roll of the die.

Players of Bioware games will know that the studio’s games tend to involve a lot of choices that need to be made from the ; choices that can have fairly significant consequences on the outcome of various story beats and the plot overall. Dragon Age: Origins may have some of the most decisions to make out of all their games. Twitter user nerdspicey, however, has decided to leave all the choices made during the course of the game up to chance.

On Twitter, nerdspicey posted a picture on December 26th, showing several and an Xbox 360 controller with the proclamation that all of the Dragon Age: Origins’ choices would be left up to die rolls. How exactly the process works is a little unclear, though during character creation, nerdspicey did say that a D10 was used to choose from 9 of the available head presets. Presumably, each dialogue choice is numbered and a roll is cast with a reroll being necessary if a roll is higher than there are available dialogue choices.

Two things not left up to chance however are the game’s difficulty level and stat allocation; both of these are up to nerdspicey. It’s unclear if the various abilities gained upon level up will also be chosen randomly or if for all intents and purposes, those have been filed under the same category as stat allocation and will remain within nerdspicey’s control. Regardless, the prospective Grey Warden ended up being a female human noble rogue that uses daggers and the game begun.

Things go pretty tamely for nerdspicey as the newly created Sadie Cousland manages to get past the “origin” part of Dragon Age: Origins without majorly insulting anybody or causing any particularly large problems. However, it is the prologue and there isn’t too much the player is permitted to screw up that early. Things continue to go pretty swimmingly as far as avoidable conflicts go until Sadie arrived at Lothering and was forced to pay a “tax” to bandits that the player can usually fight or persuade their way out of. Matters get even worse however when, also in Lothering, the dice decreed that the Warden would reject the help of potential party member, Leliana. A primary concern on nerdspicey’s mind however, is the future fate of Zevran, a character who the player can elect to kill before he’s even recruited to the party.

At time of writing, nerdspicey has managed to secure the support of the dwarves, as that’s what the dice roll decreed instead of gaining a golem army. Leliana also managed to request to join again and the dice were kinder this time. Sten joined as well, though the Revered Mother had to be threatened to do so. Shale also joined the party, but unfortunately a little girl was left to be possesed by a demon to do so.

Dragon Age: Origins is available for PC, PS3, and Xbox 360.

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