Dutch Dota 2 Players Can Now See What’s In Their Next Loot Box | Gaming

Dota 2 in the Netherlands can now see what's going to be in their next box in the Treasury after Valve made changes to the game to satisfy Dutch regulations.

Players can see the contents of their next loot box, which is tied to their account, so resetting your computer isn't going to change what's in the box. Furthermore, the box odds are the same, and boxes can only be bought one at a time, with the contents of the next one only appearing after you buy the first one. 

Earlier this year, Dutch authorities declared that loot boxes in titles like Dota 2 ran afoul of the country's gambling laws because they're tied to real-world value. Dota 2's market is apparently disabled, but Valve made the change to the boxes nonetheless.

[Source: Reddit user Larhf via PC Gamer]


I have no problem with regulations like these, and I hope those with gambling/addiction problems find relief. However, the result in this instance makes it likely it'll only spur users to keep opening boxes until they get something they like.

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