Early Dead Island 2 Gameplay Build Video Leaks

An early- of Dead 2 has been leaked, with new gameplay and screenshots of the long-awaited sequel spreading over social media.

Following the sequel’s fairly bombastic reveal trailer back in 2014, fans were surprised to find that Dead Island 2 went completely dark in the years since, with several leaks and rumors claiming the game was having significant problems throughout its development. Many considered the title to be in development hell or perhaps canceled altogether, however, THQ Nordic was quick to announce that Dead Island 2 is still in development back in August last year.

It seems that the Dead Island fanbase could be in luck when it comes to the cryptic sequel, with leaked gameplay and screenshots from an early build of the sequel surfacing on several social media channels. This footage has since been spread like wildfire across the internet, with players amazed at finally getting a glimpse at this thought to be doomed project.

The footage definitely highlights a more cartoony, larger-than-life take on the franchise in comparison to its 2011 and 2013 predecessors, with the game’s interpretation of LA sporting vibrant colors, insane guns, and some wacky zombie varieties. Interestingly, it seems the sequel has really dipped into its RPG roots, with the HUD looking very akin to games like Borderlands. One thing that’s clear to see in most glimpses at the leaked build is that the sequel amps up the number of opportunities to combat foes, with players slaughtering zombies using shotguns, machetes, handguns, and a wide arsenal of insane combo weapons similar to those from the Dead Rising series. It seems duel wielding is a big part of the game too, with screenshots from the build showing the protagonist brandishing both a machete and a pistol at the same time. Vehicles are also included in the leaks, with one screenshot showing a female character in a dune buggy.

Seemingly, the footage is from a much earlier build of the game, with Reddit user Casefam pointing out that the screenshots are labeled “June 19th, 2015.” With that in mind, it’s hard to decipher whether they’ll be evocative of the final product or perhaps an early look at a build that has since been improved upon immensely. The Reddit user even muses that they could be from a build of the game that’s been scrapped entirely, with Dead Island 2 seemingly being reworked a handful of times throughout its development.

Regardless, it’s interesting to get some sort of a first-look at what Dead Island 2 might look like when it eventually releases in the near future. The franchise does, after all, have something of a cult following, with many eagerly awaiting the release of the second game since its incredible trailer back in 2014. Hopefully, fans will get a more official look at Dambuster Studios’ take on the series very soon.

Dead Island 2 is currently in development.

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