Elder Scrolls Online: Greymoor Introducing New Antiquities System

Players of The Elder Scrolls  can look forward to a new and exciting feature coming with the upcoming  chapter. The Antiquities system will allow players to explore the fictional world of Tamriel and its history through artifact-finding in the gothic, vampire-themed Greymoor.

The newest chapter in The Elder Scrolls Online is set to release on May 26th, after being delayed due to the coronavirus pandemic. Antiquities look like they will be a big part of upcoming gameplay, and they include an interesting incentive for players to travel and learn more about Tamriel’s past. Players can join the Antiquarian Circle and hunt for “unique collectibles, treasure, and even powerful Mythic items.”

The Elder Scrolls Online‘s Antiquities system features two new mini-games: Scrying and Excavation, which, when combined, allow a player to find and retrieve hidden objects. Michael Schroeder, lead designer for the new system, explains that the new mechanic is meant to be more puzzle-based than action-based and is best played in short bursts. He adds that he believes Antiquities can provide something for everyone, no matter what their approach to the game is.

Schroeder adds that Antiquities “gives [players] a reason to return to the places [they] might’ve already explored”. ESO currently focuses on eastern Skyrim, while Greymoor will broaden the scope to include western Skyrim as well. Although players familiar with the series have no doubt explored much of Skyrim and Tamriel, the Antiquities system could be an opportunity for players to go back to regions and find things they may have missed before, or even explore new places.

The ESO universe is known for its gorgeous graphics and atmosphere, and a system designed to help players go back and re-experience the detailed environments the game does so well is a good move. Plus, if Antiquities are best found and collected in bursts, then even players who don’t usually love puzzle-solving elements in games can benefit from the collectibles and not have to sink too much time into the activity.

After the disappointing Summerset DLC, the Elseweyr chapter was an exciting and positive refocus on the game’s fascinating lore and worldbuilding. Greymoor will follow Elseweyr and be the first ESO DLC in 2020, and many fans are hoping for a worthy followup. The Antiquities system seems like an exciting opportunity for fans to literally dig deeper into this amazing lore. Players will just have to wait until Greymoor‘s release and see for themselves whether the Antiquities system will make or break the new content.


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