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Not too long ago, the developers behind the mod project known as : Miami decided to release a fresh trailer for the fan-made modification, with the footage showing off a destroyed and irradiated sunshine state filled with danger. Now, another fan creator has decided to take the post-apocalyptic franchise even further north by working on a mod that sets the open world action-RPG in New York, and the project has released several new to detail the developmental progress made thus far.

As indicated by the handful of images seen below from the modder known as “Roserosenbergfr”, Fallout: New York is aiming to be set exclusively in and around Manhattan's Central Park, with locations including the likes of the exterior of the Natural History museum. According to Roserosenbergfr, the modder plans to then branch outward from there, and build district by district. After that, the state of Fallout: New York‘s world will be tweaked somewhat in order to better reflect the outcome of a horrific nuclear apocalypse.




While there's no doubt that plenty of Fallout fans would like to get their hands on the final version of the New York mod as soon as possible, Roserosenbergfr has stressed that this particular creation for Fallout 4 is a long-term, in-development project. As a matter of fact, the project's Nexus Mods page doesn't even offer an idea as to when it could be out, avoiding to include a release date altogether.

Taking all of this into consideration, Roserosenbergfr's Fallout: New York mod is certainly one of the more ambitious fan creations out there, especially when one takes into account the sheer size and scale of the space one would need to fill up just to complete a single borough. Plus, with Roserosenbergfr also planning to add their take on the NYC subway system at some point down the line, there's no telling when – or if – the project based on Bethesda‘s game series will reach completion.

Roserosenbergfr's Fallout: New York mod does not have an official release date.

Source: Nexus Mods (via PC Gamer)

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