FanAI and Hi-Rez to gather audience analytics for Smite

, Hi-Rez Studios and Skillshot Media are partnering to gather audience data for potential sponsors of Hi-Rez’s esports games such as Smite, Paladins, and .

Those games have more than 70 million players. FanAI, an esports audience monetization platform, will use its proprietary artificial intelligence analytics to gather and analyze player data.

Thsi data will enable Hi-Rez to better understand its audiences, helping the developer to create better fan experiences and to secure additional sponsors while at the same time helping those sponsors achieve higher returns.

“At Hi-Rez, providing the best experience for our audience and supporting activations that best serve them is very important,” said Todd Harris, chief operating officer of Hi-Rez Studios and president of Skillshot Media, in a statement. “With the data and audience analytics provided by FanAI, we will be able to better serve our existing fans while paving the way for a bigger exciting future for our players.”

This partnership also integrates anonymized player data into the FanAI platform, including games played and playtime, which will be cross referenced with existing audience analytics to provide a deeper look at gaming and esports audience segments.

Once integrated, FanAI will be able to show not only what the audience is playing, but also what they are watching and purchasing. Hi-Rez will use this enriched information to support new esports activations and continue grassroots community involvement in events and competitions.

“Working with Hi-Rez and Skillshot will give FanAI a unique opportunity within esports and gaming,” said Johannes Waldstein, founder and CEO of FanAI, in a statement. “With the addition of their player information to our existing audience data sources, we can see who is playing games, who is watching esports, how much they are playing and watching, if that watching is online or at an offline event, and much more. We now have the full circle of audience information to help guide brands in their activations and help Hi-Rez show the value of their particular audience. No one else has this level of granular audience information to provide direction and support for marketing, sponsorship, and sales activities.”

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