Final Fantasy 7 Remake Demo Leak Confirms Big Story Change

Multiple leaks have pointed to a Final 7 Remake demo being released on the PlayStation Store sooner rather than later. Nothing official has been announced, but that hasn’t stopped footage of the Final Fantasy 7 Remake demo from leaking online. This footage shows off the early parts of the Final Fantasy 7 Remake game, but it also confirms a story change that is actually fairly significant. For those that don’t want to know the story change until the demo or the game itself comes out, please note that there will be potential spoilers for the early parts of Final Fantasy 7 Remake in this article.

Based on the leaked demo footage, it appears that the Final Fantasy 7 Remake is tweaking the events of the Shinra Mako Reactor explosion. In the original game, eco-terrorist group AVALANCHE destroys the Mako Reactor with a bomb, which is a serious blow against Shinra but also comes at the cost of innocent lives. In the new version of the game, it’s revealed that AVALANCHE’s bomb isn’t what caused the Mako reactor to explode in the way it did; on the contrary, Shinra is behind it.

What happens in Final Fantasy 7 Remake is AVALANCHE plants the bomb as usual, but the explosion is much smaller than in the original game, just incapacitating the Mako Reactor instead of destroying it outright. The president of Shinra witnesses this, and then gives an instruction to Shinra executive Heidegger to cause a much bigger explosion, presumably so AVALANCHE can be painted in a worse light to the public, turning the whole thing into a false flag operation.

While this may seem like an insignificant change on paper, it does rob the Final Fantasy 7 story of some of its moral ambiguity. Since AVALANCHE just incapacitates a Mako Reactor in Final Fantasy 7 Remake instead of causing the significant explosion that they did in the original game, they come across more as the “good guys” whereas Shinra are the “bad guys” who framed the group for a much bigger terrorist attack.

Some Final Fantasy 7 purists won’t be happy about this change, but we’ve known for years now that the FF7 remake would be making story changes. Why exactly Square Enix decided to make this particular change is unclear, but perhaps it was part of the company’s original vision for the story all along. Fans will have to wait until Final Fantasy 7 Remake launches on March 3 to discover any other plot changes that have been made to the game.


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