Fortnite, the biggest video game in the world, just got cars

The most popular game in the , Fortnite, just got a bunch of drivable . This isn’t likely to save my virtual self from certain death at the hands of my 10-year-old nephews and their friends, but technically, I am the only one with a real driver’s licence, so…

The “Joy Ride” update dropped a small fleet of vehicles onto the familiar island map, adding another way to get around and interact within the game — or in my case, escape. Previous modes of transport include helicopters, hoverboards, boats, planes and Batman’s grapple gun. 

This new update puts players behind the wheels of more everyday vehicles, some of which have already been on the game map as props and spare metal. Now you can hop in, drive around, fill up on fuel from gas stations or from throwable gas cans, shoot the tires out, drive them up ramps and onto roofs while your friends fire from the passenger seats, or just blow them up with a hailstorm of bullets. You know, everyday driving type stuff. 

The vehicles range from little DeLorean-esque “Whiplash” sports car that’s quick to accelerate and also to explode, to wholesome “OG Bear” go-anywhere pickup trucks, to lumbering “Mudflap” semi-trucks that smash through walls. 

My favourite is the innocuous four-door “Prevalent” sedan, which reminds me of a Chevy Malibu and makes me feel like I’ll be safe if I just lay low and try to hide from my nephews in the suburbs.

One of the few interior features is the radio, which plays top tunes from artists like Drake, Post Malone, The Weeknd, and Ariana Grande. The radio wasn’t working when I was “researching” this story earlier today, but I’ll be sure to do my due diligence and check again later. 

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