Fortnite’s latest update adds a beastly shotgun and sweetens the game on Switch | Gaming

The Fortnite v5.20 content has arrived on all platforms, bringing with it a ton of new additions and changes. Also known as update 1.70 on consoles, this week's content patch has updated the game to include a brand new weapon, a new limited time mode for players to enjoy, and Nintendo Switch optimization.

Players will now have a new to test out with the release of Fortnite v5.20. The Double Barrel Shotgun fires two powerful bullets at the same time. The weapon will deal a ton of damage, even more so than Battle Royale players will be used to. The Double Barrel Shotgun is sure to change up the meta around close combat duels, making short-range fights more intense than ever before.

The Double Barrel Shotgun is capable of unleashing up to 150 damage up close, which is insane considering a player can only have up to 200 health total and that's only with a full set of shields. It is available only as an epic or legendary weapon, so finding it will take some diligent searching.

That isn't the only new addition, though. A new limited time mode called Steady Storm is now available for players everywhere. The premise is simple: this mode features no safe zones whatsoever and a storm that will be constantly moving. Players will need to act fast and predict where they should head to next in to avoid dying in the storm.

The last major change that has arrived with the release of Fortnite v5.20 is a significant boost to how Battle Royale plays on Nintendo Switch. The hybrid console version has been optimized to improve the GPU. What this results in is that players will now experience an increased resolution of around 10 percent during gameplay sequences that are taxing on the hardware like lots of explosions and the like. That's a big boost that will make a noticeable difference — particularly if you're playing on your TV instead of in portable mode.

As always, the Fortnite v5.20 content update also contains plenty of smaller bug fixes and changes for all platforms from console to PC to mobile. This includes a new Mythic Outlander, the Dark Viking, and Horde Challenges for the cooperative Save The World mode. Being that this is now the fifth week in season five, players can also look forward to new weekly challenges later this week.

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