Free Fire Iris Top-up event offers Iris character having “Wall Breaker” ability

has launched a new Iris , which features an Iris character with a unique active ability called “Wall Breaker.” The Homer character was just added to the game, and with the inclusion of a new one, players now have additional combo choices.

events are constantly updated with new incentives that are only available when a particular number of diamonds is purchased. Characters, in particular, are important aspects of the game since they provide the gamer an advantage. Every character in Free Fire has a unique power that may be combined with the other three characters. As a result, players are constantly looking forward to new characters.

Free Fire Iris Top-up event: How to get the Iris character?

For a limited time, the Iris top-up event has been added to Free Fire on August 15. Players may obtain the Iris character by purchasing diamonds until August 19th. The Iris character is available for 100 diamonds, and Iris' bundle is available for a 500 diamond top-up.

Players should first click on the most recent Iris Top-up event banner to be sent to the event website. Clicking on the top-up option will take you to the top-up center. Choose a diamond pack of 100 diamonds (costs 80 INR) to obtain a single character, or 520 diamonds (costs 400 INR) to receive the Iris character as well as its special bundle.

How does the Iris character's ability work in Free Fire?

Its active ability is called “Wall Breaker.” At the Iris character's basic level, the user can attack a Gloo wall within 5 seconds after launching the skill to mark enemies within 7m of range and penetrate the Gloo wall. The penetration does damage to foes and has an 8-second cooldown on a maximum of three Gloo barriers. When you reach the max level, the maximum number of Gloo walls increases to 5, and the cooldown falls to 55 seconds.

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