Future 2: Xur Unique Armor, Weapon, and Suggestions for April 19

Bungie’s latest in-game Destiny 2 celebration called The Revelry is in full swing, combining elements from The Dawning and Festival of the Lost wrapping them in a spring season look and feel. Players, whether free or annual pass owners, can take part by completing bounties, earning triumphs, fighting through the Verdant Forest PvE mode, and getting empowered by using Reveler’s Tonic.

Alongside the new Kinetic Linear Fusion Rifle called Arbalest, Xur has returned with his usual assortment of exotics and weekly Invitations of the Nine quest to potentially throw a monkey wrench into the already chaotic Revelry content. With new refreshed Forsaken exotics in tow thanks to the Season of the Drifter update, players may have new options to counter the increased grenade spam that has started due to the Reveler’s Tonic buffs.

Where is Xur?

Destiny 2 Xur location april 19, 2019

This weekend, players can find Xur in the European Dead Zone. Specifically, players should fast travel to the Winding Cove.

Once there, start running towards the other end of the zone on the upper levels where the Fallen patrol. Xur is located on a small cliff right next to a Fallen ship.

Invitation of the Nine Quest Week 6

Added as part Destiny 2‘s Joker’s Wild annual pass update, the Invitation of the Nine quest for week 6 players to Mars. Here are the details:

  • The Twins – Collect 9 samples from defeated Hive and Cabal on Mars. Complete strike “Strange Terrain”


Taking cues from last week, Xur has once again brought only year one exotic gear. For fans who aren’t interested in the following gear pieces, keep in mind that the Fated Engram now has a chance to grant an exotic from the Forsaken expansion, making it well worth the Legendary Shard gamble each weekend.

Here are all three gear pieces for this weekend:

Lunafaction Boots – Warlock leg armor

One of the more sought-after year 1 exotics for Warlocks, these boots are a neutral exotic item with a lot of utility. Thanks to its intrinsic perk Alchemical Etchings, Warlock Rifts gain the ability to automatically reload allies’ weapons in addition to their normal functionality. Warlocks using Empowering Rift also makes weapons more effective at longer range.

These boots are best used in group activities rather than solo. They’re absolutely recommended for players involved in strikes, Well runs, or raids.

Gear Rolls:

  • Resilience OR Mobility
  • Fusion Rifle Dexterity, Hand Cannon Dexterity, Outreach
  • Scout Rifle Scavenger OR Special Ammo Finder

Raiden Flux – Hunter chest armor

Following Arc Week and its subclass buffs earlier this month, the Raiden Flux is a very important piece of armor for Arcstrider Hunters. With Synapse Junctions, any quick successive hits made with the arc staff super increase its damage and the duration of the super.

With similar utility to the Gwisin Vest and Shards of Galanor, the Raiden Flux is a must have armor piece. It is valuable in nearly all game modes in Destiny 2 for extending the arc staff super.

Gear Rolls:

  • Resilience OR Recovery
  • Unflinching Bow Aim, Unflinching Fusion Rifle Aim, Unflinching Kinetic Aim
  • Scout Rifle Reserves OR Special Ammo Finder

Hallowfire Heart – Titan chest armor

Another strong subclass-specific piece this week, the Hallowfire Heart is specifically designed for Sunbreaker Titans. Sunfire Furnace, the item’s exotic perk, improves the recharge rate of all solar abilities. Not only that, but also it greatly improves ability recharge rates while the player’s super meter is fully charged. This distinction is important for Titans who use a powerful ability such as melting point, which can give teams an edge in a mode like Gambit.

This is another very easy item to recommend for Titan players.

Fixed Gear Rolls:

  • Resilience OR Recovery
  • Unflinching Bow Aim, Unflinching Fusion Rifle Aim, Unflinching Kinetic Aim
  • Scout Rifle Reserves OR Special Ammo Finder

Exotic Weapon

The final piece to Xur’s inventory this week is his exotic weapon, the Wardcliff Coil rocket launcher. Mad Scientist allows this weapon to fire a volley of rockets instead of just one at a time like the others. Volatile Launch goes even further to make this weapon even more explosive by greatly increasing blast radius and slightly decreasing handling speed and projectile speed.

In the past month, The Wardcliff Coil has received a buff, which makes it incredibly strong in PvE activities, especially ones against bosses. When used in conjunction with arc singe enabled activities, the weapon can melt bosses very quickly. As such, it’s another easy recommendation for those who don’t yet have it.

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