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Rebellion’s Co-Op third-person action game is showing off the many gameplay modes and characters in a new video. The game is releasing in about two weeks, on August 28th for PC, PS4 and Xbox One.

Strange Brigade is the latest shooter from cult action game developer Rebellion. These days Rebellion is best known for their Nazi hunting Sniper Elite games but the studio is in the business for a long, long time, earning early success with video game adaptations of the Aliens vs. Predator and tactical Delta Force first-person shooters. You could say, shooting is in the DNA of the studio.

Their newest title Strange Brigade is firmly taking advantage of the developer’s expertise in the action genre, with several twists. Firstly, the main focus of Strange Brigade is cooperative play for up to four players. Every single game mode can be played together with other players in Co-Op but also solo.

Today’s “Gameplay Overview” video delves deep into the content the third-person shooter is offering. Right off the start, it is nice to see that while Strange Brigade is rather focused around Co-Op, the game includes a Campaign. Of course, you’ll still be able to play it together with friends. Apart from that, we have Horde and Score Attack modes.

As one might guess, Horde and Score Attack feature well-known wave-based arena gameplay and the race for reaching the highest points respectively. All three modes are set in North Africa, where the ancient evil Witch Queen Seteki is trying to resurrect her empire. With an army of zombies, giant scorpions, ghouls and demons, Seteki will test the limits of players.

Speaking of, players have the choice between four distinct characters. From gadget-centric masters of explosives to mythical magic wielding tribeswoman and traditional gunslingers, Strange Brigade is offering a nice breadth of playstyles.

Visit the game’s website where you can pre-order Strange Brigade and learn more about it.

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