Ghost of Tsushima Player Creates Incredible Video Homage

A of Tsushima player a homage for the game that shows it off so well that it could pass for an official trailer.

Ghost of Tsushima is one of the most well-received games of the PlayStation 4 generation, and for a good reason. While the game is by no means perfect, it has all the elements necessary to be considered great. It offers compelling gameplay, beautiful graphics, and an interesting world that leaves players wanting to learn more about it.

Over on the PS4 subreddit, a player named Much118 managed to capture all of these attributes in a single . More impressive still, the video accomplishes this while only barely going over the one-minute mark. It serves to pay homage to Ghost of Tsushima, and if one were to watch it without any context, they might end up believing it was an official trailer.

The video sees Ghost of Tsushima protagonist Jin Sakai doing Ghost of Tsushima things. He travels around the various visually stunning sights of Tsushima and inevitably finds himself face to face with the Mongols. Here, the video perfectly captures who Jin is as the Ghost while simultaneously showing off gameplay through quick and seamless edits.

Modern-day gameplay trailers usually have trouble pulling off what this homage does, especially within the same amount of time. They tend to rely on showing off footage that — while epic — usually doesn't represent how the game plays in reality. This video manages to avoid that pitfall while still proving to be epic, which is why it could be easy to think of it as an official Ghost of Tsushima trailer. The only thing it's missing is a gritty voiceover.

If there's anyone who hasn't played Ghost of Tsushima but finds they have an interest in it, it's certainly worth a play-through or at least a watch over on YouTube. The game doesn't deviate too much from what one would normally find in a standard open-world title, but it has enough of its own personality to remain interesting all the way through.

The sales records Ghost of Tsushima broke in such a short amount of time is indicative of this. Sales records usually don't mean much in the way of determining whether or not a game is good or bad because the titles that usually break them tend to be anticipated sequels, remakes, or IPs revolving around already well-established characters and universes. Ghost of Tsushima had none of this goodwill to run off and still managed to cross finish lines that other games couldn't.

There's no telling at the moment if Ghost of Tsushima will get DLC, but with how well it's currently doing, it's hard to imagine that it won't see a sequel, meaning the game will certainly have longevity as a series. Here's hoping that it manages to keep up its quality and only get better as time passes.

Ghost of Tsushima is available on PS4.

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