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Microsoft didn’t waste anytime revealing Halo: Infinite to the crowd at E3 2018 as a teaser trailer quickly panned over to a shot of Master Chief looking out over a lush environment, holding his iconic helmet in his hand. Unfortunately, that was largely all the information that was given about the upcoming shooter from 343 Industries and SkyBox Labs, leaving fans to only speculate on what this next game is going to feature. Since then, small nuggets of information have continued to come out through alternative means like social media, including a recent Tweet aimed at providing more context for microtransactions.

Fan agitation and concern has been at an all-time high this week for Halo: Infinite due to a job listing for an online experience design director position that referenced microtransactions in the description. Without any additional context from official sources, fears spiraled over the idea of and pay to win microtransactions invading this popular franchise. 343 Industries studio head, Chris Lee, took to Twitter to confirm that final details are still being worked out, but Halo: Infinite will not contain any real loot boxes.

With that confirmation, it’s likely that Halo: Infinite will follow in its predecessor’s footsteps with a Requisition System, albeit without an option to pay real money for additional packs. While the system wasn’t perfect, it was based around the idea of Collectible Card Games where players used points earned in-game or through leveling up to open packs of cards that included weapons, vehicles, perks, and cosmetic items. While some offered permanent unlocks including new armor skins or execution animations, others were single-use items that could be activated in certain game modes like Warzone or Arena.

Loot boxes have become a touchy subject within the gaming industry these days as the mechanic has come under fire as of late. Governing bodies in Europe have started to really investigate the practice, with certain countries like Belgium even banning them outright. While companies like EA, 2K, and Blizzard continue to actively fight against the perceived gambling label that many countries have applied to the practice, other developers are making more practical decisions by removing them completely. Bethesda has already confirmed that Rage 2 won’t have loot boxes, while DICE has also seemingly learned its lesson with the disastrous launch of Star Wars: Battlefront 2 and is removing loot boxes from Battlefield V as well.

Halo Infinite will be released on PC and Xbox One. A release date has not yet been announced.

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