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Potter: Hogwarts fans are anxious to see if tomorrow will bring with it Year 5 Chapter 2, but in the meantime, developer Jam City has given them yet another in-game event to complete. This event has no name, but completing it will net players some rewards, including a new mohawk cosmetic to customize their character with.

Unlocking the mohawk cosmetic in Harry Potter: Hogwarts Mystery is done the same way players have completed the other events in the game. Basically, they need to attend classes and earn full stars for said classes. Upon doing so, players will be rewarded with crests equal to the number of stars they earned, which will then fill up a meter. At certain tiers, this meter will unlock rewards for the player, with the mohawk cosmetic being the final reward and requiring 30 crests to unlock.

Unlike past events, this one doesn’t have a specific theme or name, and players have a short amount of time to complete it. In fact, the event was just added to the game a couple of days ago, yet it is set to end in about 20 hours at the time of this writing. Considering this, players likely won’t have the luxury of waiting for Year 5 Chapter 2 classes to be added before they do this, so anyone interested in the mohawk cosmetic in Hogwarts Mystery should act now.

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Besides the mohawk cosmetic, this week’s in-game event will get players some other goodies as well. Upon earning five crests, they will unlock 100 coins, and 10 crests will earn them 500 coins. 20 crests, meanwhile, will unlock five gems, and while that may not seem like a whole lot, it’s still appreciated because gems are fairly hard to come by in Hogwarts Mystery without breaking out the wallet.

Overall, this in-game event to unlock the mohawk cosmetic seems like one of the least impressive events the game has held so far. There’s only one cosmetic item to unlock, and Jam City didn’t even bother to think up a name for it. However, fans can count on future events in the coming weeks to have more appealing cosmetic items to unlock.

Harry Potter: Hogwarts Mystery is out now for iOS and Android mobile devices.

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