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Potter: Mystery‘s Year 5 update will begin rolling out to players today, and it brings with it a host of new story chapters, new classes to complete, and of course, some brand new areas to explore. We know that one of the major new areas is Diagon Alley, which will also allow players to travel to Knockturn Alley. However, Jam City has released screenshots of two new areas in particular that Harry Potter: Hogwarts Mystery players will be able to visit in Year 5.

Firstly, there's the Prefects' Bathroom. Seen in the picture below, the Prefects' Bathroom looks similar to Moaning Myrtle's bathroom from the movies, but with a lot more upkeep. As far as we know, only Hogwarts Mystery players who successfully completed the Become A Prefect side quest will be able to enter the bathroom, and it's unclear if those who failed will have another chance to complete the quest or not.

harry potter hogwarts mystery prefects bathroom

Secondly, Jam City has also released a screenshot showing the Defense Against the Dark Arts classroom. As can be expected, the Defense Against the Dark Arts classroom looks very similar to how it is depicted in the Harry Potter film series, and so it should be recognizable to fans of the franchise. However, we still don't know who exactly will be the Defense Against the Dark Arts teacher in Year 5, so it will be interesting to learn who is actually teaching the jinxed class.

harry potter hogwarts mystery defense against the dark arts classroom

Of course, Harry Potter: Hogwarts Mystery players will have other new locations to travel to besides just the Prefects' Bathroom and the Defense Against the Dark Arts classroom. As previously stated, they will be able to return to Diagon Alley, and will even have the opportunity to visit Knockturn Alley while they're there. Furthermore, they will be able to visit the History of Magic Classroom, which will be occupied by the ghostly Professor Binns.

There will be even more new areas Harry Potter: Hogwarts Mystery players will be able to explore in Year 5. Players will also be able to visit the Grand Staircase, the Kitchens in the Dungeons, the Hog's Head Inn in Hogsmeade, and more.

It's possible that some of these new locations will even have new free energy reserves for players to tap, so players should keep an eye out for any suspicious objects.

Harry Potter: Hogwarts Mystery is out now for iOS and Android mobile devices.

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