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The Curse-Breakers in  : Hogwarts Mystery gave players the opportunity to earn one of the most unique event-specific cosmetic items in the game to date, featuring an outfit that resembled the one worn by Madam Rakepick. Now Jam City has started a new event in the game, and its punk rock theme gives players the chance to collect even more unique cosmetic items for their character.

The latest event in Harry Potter: Hogwarts Mystery is called Hogwarts Rocks! and like previous events, it’s all about completing classes with full stars. By earning all the stars possible in classes, players will then earn crests that fill up a meter. And like always, that meter has milestones that will unlock rewards when players meet them.

The Hogwarts Rocks! event in Harry Potter: Hogwarts Mystery differs a bit from other events in that the bulk of the unlocks are cosmetic. In fact, the second tier reward is the only non-cosmetic that players can earn as part of Hogwarts Rocks!, consisting of five gems.

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Here are all the rewards Hogwarts Mystery fans can earn by completing the Hogwarts Rocks! event, and the crests required to unlock each one:

  • Choker necklace (10 crests)
  • Five gems (25 crests)
  • Pants (40 crests)
  • Leather jacket (55 crests)
  • Rainbow hair (75 crests)

At the time of this writing, the Hogwarts Rocks! event has about five days left in Harry Potter: Hogwarts Mystery, so anyone who wants to unlock all of the rewards will want to start completing classes now. However, players who don’t care so much about unlocking the entire outfit may want to wait until new story content is added. After all, it’s possible Jam City will add Year 5 to the game as early as this coming Thursday, and players will potentially be able to earn crests and progress the story at the same time, which would be the most efficient use of their energy.

Players who care more about progressing the story as fast as possible will definitely want to hold on to their energy until the new story content becomes available. They can build energy past their limit by routinely tapping on the pets in their dormitory throughout the day, which can help fill the time between now and the addition of new story content.

Harry Potter: Hogwarts Mystery is out now for iOS and Android mobile devices.

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