Here’s Everything New Added in No Man’s Sky Beyond

No Man’s Sky’s big Beyond is here and it brings a whole host of new features and changes to the game. The huge changes the game to version 2.0 and adds way more than just the ability to milk aliens.

The team at Hello Games has done a lot to support the game since its release three years ago. With constant support and updates, the game has grown tremendously. Now, players can expect even more from their space adventure.

No Man’s Sky has finally added VR support. Fans have asked for the feature for a while, and Hello Games has integrated it fully. VR works on both PC headsets and on PSVR and players can swap in and out at their will.

With VR support comes a special UI. The game features full head and hand tracking which allows players to touch the interface and perform physical gestures in order to use equipment. The update also adds more detailed starship cockpits that players can view in 360 degrees in VR.

Beyond expands No Man’s Sky’s multiplayer support into a more robust experience. The game now features a hub called Space Anomaly that players can summon from anywhere. The anomaly functions in a similar way to Destiny’s Tower. It creates a space for players to come together, meet, and team up for multiplayer missions.

The anomaly can support up to 16 players at the same time on all platforms. Players can now encounter other players out in the rest of the world. Outside of the anomaly, the multiplayer functionality has increased to support 8 on console and up to 32 on PC. This is up from only 4 on both platforms.

VR and non-VR players can team up seamlessly. Players can also group up with any explorer they run into out in the world.

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Beyond adds some new features to Base Building. Bases now support electricity and power, which players can use to run mining equipment and power lights and sounds. Bases now include more industrial features that can help players manage and gather resources. This might make it easier for folks who want to build cyberpunk cities in No Man’s Sky.

The update also expands creature interactions. Players can now tame and mount creatures. They can also add creatures to their farms and harvest them for milk and eggs. Beyond adds cooking recipes that allow players to combine the milk and eggs with plants to make food.

No Man’s Sky also features improved NPCs. The game now has a bunch of new race types and language options. Players can also encounter NPCs out in the world now. They will move around more, interact more, and respond to player gestures.

Finally, this new update brings some tweaks and balances. According to Hello Games, the and mission system has been upgraded tremendously for clarity, making it easier for new players to jump in.

The game features better combat, better storage, tighter ship controls, and increased overheat limits for mining equipment. The game also features new user interface enhancements, a new galaxy map, and much larger spaceships.

With all of these new updates, it sounds like a great time for new players to jump back in. If you haven’t played in a while, catch up here on everything No Man’s Sky has added since the start.

No Man’s Sky is out now on PC, Playstation 4, and Xbox One.

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