Hitman 3 Finally Getting PC VR version in 20 January 2022

IO Interactive has announced that 3 will kick off with the PC VR version of the game on 20 January 2022. Hitman 3 players on PlayStation VR have always had the option to play the game in VR. Next year, gamers with a strong enough PC and room-scale VR system will be able to experience the game in total immersion.

Other features said to arrive to the game in 2022 include ray tracing support on PC, a new game mode called ‘Elusive Target Arcade’, and something IO Interactive is calling “a major update to the game” for Spring 2022.

IO Interactive just announced its plans for Year Two of the Hitman 3 game. The developer revealed that more than 50 million people have now played the game, but so far, they haven’t experienced the game with a VR headset connected to a powerful PC. That’s about to change in January when the PC VR update will go live.

The developer didn’t have much to say about the PC VR version, but the teaser video gives you an excellent glimpse of what to expect. The teaser showed the game played on an Oculus Rift S and a Valve Index headset. Presumably, it should work with any PC-compatible VR headset, such as an HTC Vive or a Quest 2 with Oculus Link.

The VR version of Hitman 3 looks just as action-packed as the standard version but probably a lot more stressful. We can’t wait to give this a run in January when the update drops.

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