Hitman 3 Player Spends 10 Hours to Crush Every NPC in the Grape Press

brings out the maniac in some of its players, including YouTuber Teallen96 who spent 10 hours crushing every in a grape press.

Hitman 3 has been out for less than a month, but players wasted no time in finding inventive ways to mess around with it. The latest example of mustache-twirling overkill comes from YouTuber Teallen96, who spent ten hours meticulously knocking out every single NPC in the game’s picturesque Mendoza level and dragging them to the industrial grape press, where they all simultaneously meet their untimely demise.

Teallen96’s Hitman 3 video is only about 80 seconds long, but he claims the set up for the grand crushing took him a whopping ten hours of sneaking, choking out and body-dragging. What viewers do get to see is the pièce de résistance of his ambitious scheme, as the ever-stoic Agent 47 hits the switch and squishes every single NPC in the level in one fell swoop.

You can practically hear the computer groaning as it tries to render all the NPCs at once: the frame rate starts to shudder and skip as soon as the overflowing grape press comes into view, and the game even freezes for a second or two after the crusher comes down as it frantically tries to work out what the heck it’s just done. When Teallen96 decides to repeat the experiment with an earlier save, the mound of bodies swells and ripples unsettlingly and the frame rate drops even lower, but when the crusher comes back up there’s little remaining of 47’s dirty little secret except for some red smears and a few tidy piles of clothes from the hapless waiters.

This is far from the first example of players going above and beyond the regular challenges in IO Interactive’s sprawling stealth action game. Last month streamer RTGameCrowd took to Twitch with a singular goal in mind: knock out every NPC in the iconic Sapienza map and stuff them all into a meat freezer. RTGameCrowd took slightly less time than Teallen96’s effort and certainly receives bonus points for doing it while dressed as a clown, but his plans to take out the entire Sapienza population with a rubber ducky ultimately and unfortunately proved less fruitful than Mendoza’s reliable grape press.

It’s hard to imagine that IO Interactive had exactly this sort of emergent gameplay in mind when they released the game back in January, but they’re likely not complaining. Hitman 3 has sold so well that it managed to recoup its costs and make a profit within its first week on the market, while its score on Metacritic is currently sitting at a very comfortable 87.

With plenty of new Hitman 3 content on the way, including new escalation missions and elusive targets, interest in the game looks unlikely to wane any time soon. And as long as there are people playing the game, IO Interactive can rest assured that there will be people trying to achieve weird and wacky things with Agent 47’s vast array of weapons and gear. In the meantime, anybody fancy a glass of wine?

Hitman 3 is available now on PS4, Xbox One, PS5, Xbox Series X/S, PC, Nintendo Switch, and Google Stadia.

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