Horror Game Soma is Free on GOG For A Limited Time

Right now horror fans can get  for free by visiting GOG.com. The game is available as a free download to anyone with a GOG account, so anyone who wants a DRM-free copy of SOMA at no charge simply needs to sign in or sign up on the GOG website. The catch is that players only have until December 30 to claim their free copy of SOMA, though the rest of GOG’s winter sale event will last until January 3.

Hopefully this promotion will convince more people to give SOMA a try. As previously stated, the game went underplayed and flew under the radar when compared to its predecessor Amnesia, which was a bit of a gaming phenomenon thanks to the likes of PewDiePie and other YouTubers. However, SOMA is considered by some to be a stronger, more well-rounded experience than Amnesia, so it’s definitely worth a look.

In SOMA, players explore an underwater research facility that just so happens to house some rather grotesque creatures. Like Amnesia, it focuses on avoiding the monsters rather than fighting them head-on like in most other games, but where the two titles differ is their approach to horror. Amnesia leans heavily into jump scares, whereas SOMA is more of a psychological horror game experience, and spends more time building tension than throwing things at the screen.

This approach seems to have had less mainstream appeal than Amnesia‘s jump scares, but as previously stated, there are some that argue SOMA is an all-around superior experience, and we even named it one of the best modern horror games. Horror game fans who have yet to try SOMA will just have to decide for themselves after claiming their free copy from GOG.

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