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2 will be getting a new added to its Competitive playlist at an unannounced point in its second year. It's called , and in its current development build, it focuses on teamplay and objectives over straight slaying. In some ways, it channels a bit of Overwatch‘s Assault mode.

As a Competitive mode, Breakthrough is a 4v4 format (which is worth noting because of the Quickplay's recent change to fully 6v6 modes), with each team starting on opposite sides of the map. The objective is to capture—or “hack” as it's currently called in development—a central point. Teams are funneled into that central zone to duke it out for control of that point.

Once one team captures the zone it locks, and now the capturing team goes on the offensive to try to claim one more zone that is located near the other team's spawn point. The team that didn't capture the first zone will be put on the defensive, falling back to keep the attackers from claiming the second zone. If the attackers can capture the second point, they win the round. If the defenders can hold down the zone within the time limit, they get the point for the round. The team that hits five round wins first claims victory for the match.

Bungie has yet to reveal when Breakthrough will make its way to Destiny 2, but it won't be launching with Forsaken on September 4. Once Breakthrough does make its debut, it could very well help the Competitive playlist as well as adding a more objective-focused mode into the game. Many hardcore PvP players often level the critique that Destiny 2 mainly has variations of deathmatch with very few true objective modes.

While Breakthrough won't make it to the game on September 4, players will be able to try out the new mode that will be released with Forsaken, the PvE/PvP hybrid known as Gambit.

Destiny 2: Forsaken releases on September 4 for PC, PS4, and Xbox One.

Source: Game Informer

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