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With Insomniac Games’ Spider-Man launching soon, fans are gearing up to take on the big city as the web-slinging hero. Many fans are wondering how long it will take to Spider-Man when it launches on September 7, and today one team member at Insomniac gave some insight as to how long the game will be (on average).

According to James Stevenson, Community Director at Insomniac, the average playtester beat the game in around 20 hours on the default difficulty, but players who want to experience all the content the game has to offer will spend even more time with the game. As part of the J.J. Jameson series of teaser trailers, Insomniac showed off of the things to do in New York City, like clearing enemy warehouses or tracking down backpacks, but there may be plenty more for players to do when they start exploring the big city for themselves.

Insomniac also showed off several of Spider-Man’s combat abilities as part of the J.J. Jameson series, so players can fight enemies in the city with grace and ease when the game launches. Players will be able to perform balletic martial arts attacks, blast enemies with sonic abilities, and even summon holographic duplicates of Spider-Man to take down enemies. With all these different ways to play, players may want to take their time and explore all the different abilities Spider-Man has at his disposal before rushing through the campaign.

Fans may have been a bit worried about Spider-Man’s length following the announcement that enemies will not scale to player level. This strategy is typically used in many games as a way to stretch out the game through difficult enemies. However, while enemies will not scale up in power, new versions of enemies will take to the streets with different strategies and weapons to take down the web-slinging hero. Regardless, players will have plenty to do, which may add up to well over 20 hours of game time.

Spider-Man launches September 7 exclusively on PS4.

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