How to Beat Titan Beta in Ghost Recon: Breakpoint’s New Raid

Recon: Breakpoint now has a that features four incredibly difficult bosses, starting with the Alpha Titan Raid battle, then Beta, Omega, and finally Zeta. The Beta battle, which is a battle against a supercomputer, is challenging.

Hacking the Monoliths

The Titan Super Computer from Recon: Breakpoint‘s first raid fight begins with a short cut scene featuring four huge, wired blocks rising from the floor. These monoliths will be incredibly important, as players will not be able to complete this boss battle without them. Hacking into these monoliths will allow players to vacuum out poisonous gas to keep the fight going, so coordination with the whole team will be incredibly important.

Getting Organized

Place one teammate by each of the monoliths while another should be in the control room, calling out each of the monoliths as they light up red to their teammates. Hacking the monoliths in the correct order will allow players to take control of the poisonous gas, the drones, and also do damage to the boss.
Once the gas has been vacuumed or the drones are under control, the monoliths will be vulnerable to gunfire. All team members should concentrate their fire on one of the monoliths at a time, destroying one before moving onto the next. Soon the monoliths will reboot and will attack players again, so head back to previous places and hack in the correct order again. Keep repeating the steps until each of the monoliths are destroyed. Now the second boss of the Recon: Breakpoint‘s raid is done.

As with many small scale raid, this battle will take coordination and challenge the whole team. It’s a shame that there have been rumors that Ubisoft has delayed upcoming games because of Ghost Recon Breakpoint‘s lackluster launch, because the raid sounds different enough to make this game stand out.

Ghost Recon: Breakpoint is available for PS4, Xbox One, Stadia, and PC.

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