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Today marks the launch of ’s online service for the console. Although the gaming community may still be debating whether the service is a good deal or not, that isn’t going to delay the launch any further. The service is now live and gamers can start exploring its features and benefits.

One of those subscriber benefits is the promise of exclusive Switch deals for paying customers. Although there weren’t many details on what those upcoming deals might be, we do know the first one is exclusive access to order the Nintendo Switch NES Joy-Cons.

These special controllers are only available to Nintendo Online subscribers at this point and may never received a full retail release. For gamers who have to have them, here is what to do to secure an order…


Now that Switch Online is live, interested parties can start by purchasing a subscription to the service. This is a required step, since the controllers are considered a special reward for members. The next step is where it gets a little easy to get confused. There is no prompt to order the controllers after confirming your subscription, so players need to visit the pre-order web page to find the controllers.

From there, subscribers will be able to pre-purchase the controllers. Currently they are scheduled to ship in early to mid-December.

That’s all there is to it! Nintendo hardware tends to sell out quickly, so we recommend hurrying to this offer if you’re interested. Good luck, shoppers!

The Nintendo Switch NES Joy-Cons are expected to ship in December 2018.

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