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Despite the growing controversy surrounding , development continues to move forward for the massively multiplayer space exploration game. Recently announced at Gamescom, Star Citizen is hosting a Free Fly event for PC players that is now live and runs through August 27 for players who want to see what the game is all about. The Free Fly offers several different game modes for prospective players to try out to see if the game is right for them.

Star Citizen’s Free Fly event will be running the game’s Alpha 3.2 build and feature the Arena Commander dogfighting stage and the Star Marine shooter game mode. To participate in the Free Fly event, players will need to create an account on the Star Citizen webpage, enter the coupon code GETINTOTHEVERSE on the Free Fly sign-up page, and then download the game to try out.

star citizen free fly event spaceships

This event gives players a chance to take Star Citizen for a ride if they were not one of the many backers on Kickstarter or buyers from the game’s website. The Free Fly event lets players take control of four different spacecraft during the trial period: the competition model Dragonfly Black, the transport model Avenger Titan, the multi-purpose Cutlass Black, or the industrial model Prospector. Players can take whatever ship they like to fill whatever role they want to take on, whether it is mining, fighting, or exploration.

Star Citizen’s development cycle has been plagued with controversy, most recently dealing with fans issuing refund requests. One disgruntled backer of the crowdfunded game took developer Cloud Imperium Games Corporation to court over a refund request that the company denied.

Many fans have asked for refunds from the company due to the slow progress of updates and fans’ lack of faith that the game will ever come out. However, Cloud Imperium won the court case against the player and can now deny refunds outright. Hopefully, prospective fans will use the Free Fly event to see if Star Citizen is worth spending money on or not.

Star Citizen is currently in development, but lacks an official release date.

Source: Cloud Imperium Games Corp.

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