How to Unlock the Black Armory DLC in Destiny 2


Destiny 2 Black Armory Unlock

The of the Forge is officially underway and 2 players will be able to access some of the new Black content on December 4. However, where this differs is how you obtain it and the rate at which the activities become available.  Bungie has adopted a seasonal model, meaning Black Armory is not a standalone expansion or package you can download.

Instead, the only way to Black Armory is by purchasing the Destiny 2 Annual Pass. This pass allows players to the Black Armory, Jokers Wild, and Penumbra DLC. None of these will be sold separately, so you’ll have to buy the entire package for $34.99 if you want to gain access to the activities and loot. Additionally, the content offered will release over the length of an entire season and not just on the release date.

This means if you want to try all of the Lost Forges in Black Armory it will take a few weeks. While some aspects of these individual seasons will be available for those who don’t own the Annual Pass, it’s still not advised. There are clearly no plans for a major expansion for another year, so we suggest purchasing the pass if you want more content for Destiny 2.

Black Armory will come with 5 new Exotics, weapons, armor pieces, cosmetics, and activities for players to finish. There will also be a Light level increase of 50, putting the new max at 650. , Black Armory will feature new quests and endgame content such as the Scourge of the Past raid. Whether this new model fails or succeeds is still unknown, but if you want to play Black Armory this is your only way.

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How to Unlock the Black Armory DLC in Destiny 2 1

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