How to Unlock the Street Fighter 5: Champion Edition Cinematic Story Mode

5: Champion Edition, the most recent title in Capcom's veteran beat-em-up series, has recently been re-released with all previous DLC included, as well as several gameplay improvements.  Fighter 5: Champion Edition is the game's second re-release, following on from Street Fighter 5: Arcade Edition back in 2018.

The re-release comes with a variety of balance changes and gameplay additions, including giving every character a second V-Skill. What's not included in the 8GB patch however, is the game's Cinematic Mode, first released just after the title's original launch in 2016. Here's how players who've bought Champion Edition and want to experience the Cinematic Story can get access to it.

A Shadow Falls

While the rest of the Street Fighter 5 content updates that Capcom have added over the years are automatically included in the Street Fighter 5: Champion Edition download, the Cinematic Story Mode needs to be downloaded separately. Though players will notice a greyed-out option to start the DLC in the menu, this doesn't actually help in finding it.

Instead, players should go to the PlayStation Store, and search for Street Fighter 5: A Shadow Falls. This should bring up the Store page for the free DLC Add-On as the top result, from which players can add it to their game. Simply clicking the download button, waiting for the patch to install and then restarting the game is all that's needed to activate it. It isn't clear why the Story Mode is separate in this way, when the rest of Street Fighter 5‘s updates are included.

Black Moons

The A Shadow Falls Cinematic Story Mode tells the tale of M. Bison and his Shadaloo organization as they battle against the World Warriors. The story itself is told through cutscenes, interspersed with the occasional battle as the player takes on the role of one of the characters. Players don't get a choice of which character to control, as the game requires them to fight as whoever needs to win to advance the story.

The original game also had a Story Mode on launch, though it met with a negative reaction from fans. In it, players chose a character and then watched a lengthy prologue of dialogue over illustrated stills, broken by the occasional fight scene. Unfortunately, the beat-em-up battles were lackluster, and the exposition too dense and dry without animated sections, leading to the creation of A Shadow Falls shortly afterwards.

Street Fighter 5: Champion Edition is available on PS4 and PC.

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